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We effectively leverage your brand and marketing strategies to increase your profitability and client retention.
Our unique approach helps clients realize substantial gains as we apply our knowledge and expertise toward
marketing their company, products, and services.

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Stir Crazy Restaurants

Stir Crazy is an established, well-managed restaurant chain that wanted its promotions to reflect the stylized image of the restaurant interiors and unique menu offerings.  G2G was given the task of redesigning all internal and external marketing materials to match the interior design concept.

With the right choice of eye-catching colors, large impressive images of restaurant interiors, and fun, interactive promotions, g2g managed to convey a brand imagery of a hip, fun restaurant that is perfect for the entire family.

​Khortytsa Vodka

Khortytsa Vodka is from the Ukraine and came to g2g to introduce it in the U.S. G2G started from the ground floor to create a mystique around the image that would draw the consumer into the advertising and make them want to know more.

Because of the hologram on the bottle and it's homeland once being part of the Soviet Union,

it seemed a spy/espionage theme would break through. Advertising and promotional items  intertwined a story that read like a good spy novel.  

After successfully creating a sensation of intrigue with its conventional and gorilla advertising, g2g extended the marketing message with the use of clever promotional devices such as spy decoders.  Consumer interaction made Khortytsa top of mind and encouraged product sampling.

Buzz Barber Clippers

Andis Corporation presented a special challenge to g2g with its do-it-yourself clipper line ... the target audience was not confident in self grooming. This meant consumer sales were not taking off and it was g2g's job to make the clipper less intimidating.

G2G created Buzz Barber, a friendly, simple character who became the line's spokesperson. Buzz touted the simplicity of the line on packaging and POS displays. He would help them all along the way with instructional booklets, how-to videos and on-line instruction.  

This friendly character single-handedly convinced the target audience that anyone could use the clippers, moving the line in a positive direction.

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